Our Services

Capacity Building

We enable the development of professionals and organizations through networking opportunities and training.

Digital Transformation

We design, build, and scale truly transformative digital capabilities to support business operations.

Sustainability & Growth

We advice businesses on environmentally and socially sustainable practices while boosting efficiency.


We provide businesses, professional organizations and institutions with reliable and cost-effective learning solutions

GIS & Remote Sensing

Spatial data collection and creation from the field, digitized or scanned from existing sources or maps and from remotely sensed sources.

Strategic Support

Implementation of procedures (gathers information, identifies strengths and weaknesses) into business process.

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E-Learning Platform

Our team of experts, comprising learning advisors, designers and videographers specialists can build any course starting from your existing content or develop a new content in Moodle environment.

Agriculture Farm Assessment

Operations review

Carry out a review of the farm operations to include its staff, production, processes and profit.

Implementation of Recommendations

Work with farm management and staff to implement the recommendations from the assessment.